Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Prestige

I just watched "The Prestige" for about the fourth time last night, and I must say it is still one of my favorite movies, particularly for its employment of the crossover between the mysteries of science and magic. David Bowie does and admirable Nikola Tesla. I am including a link to one of Tesla's works here from the Harvard Classics library 1892 brought to you by google books. I would like to plug google books here and say that it is a wonderful resource to have so many good things scanned in. You can download pdf's from there and make your own digital library of your choice. I think I will make a point of this when I have time. But anyway, I must say I can't get enough of Victorian science. I love the mystery and wonder of discovery and a time period of florid prose in science. Here is an excellent example of just such a book, Wallace's Malay Archipelago, done I believe well after his fortuitous bout of malaria.
Other than that, nothing much is up. I am studying for a couple of quizzes and working up some neurological cases for neuroscience which makes me feel more like a veterinary student than certain other activities. Also, we picked out some nice recipes to cook this week, and the songbirds have returned to the backgarden. If I get a good look at them, I will report back.

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