Friday, August 24, 2007

Episode IV: A New Hope

Having Spent four years in college studying geology and six years in grad school studying paleopathology, I am now on the final leg of a long journey towards gainful employment and pretty jazzed about it! Vet school starts in four days, and ends in four years. In the previous episodes (not blogged) you could have seen the young me progressing from the birkenstock clad teenage environmentalist paddler, to the khaki-wearing field geologist in England, to the caliper toting paleopathologist turning moa jaws around in his hands (with a surfeit of other things, condensed here to the previous sentence for easier reading). Now I'll keep you posted on what I will be doing next, when I'm not house painting. I've inserted a few pics below to bring you up to speed on the previous years.

Sophomore Year of College in Intrepid Mountaineer Phase

As Geologist on Honeymoon

As Field Paleontologist in Northern Montana

As Oral Pathologist in Collections

As Veterinary Intern in Various Practices and Capacities