Sunday, February 17, 2008

An Embarassment of Snow Storms

Well, its at it again! An inch of freezing rain this morning, 14 inches of snow expected tonight. The buses are off, and the libraries are closed. I went in this morning to study the cow and horse neck musculature with my friend Rachel, and stuggled back out again afterwards. The building was largely empty and despite an exam in two days there was hardly a vet student to be seen. Right now it is blowing snow outside and we are buckled down for the worst. I made it to the grocery store just in time before it closed, so we have vittles.

This evening will be spent in desperate studying of radiology and physiology. I am going to try to get work done before the powerlines start coming down. On friday I studied at the informally recognized faculty union, the University Club in their St. Alban's like sitting room. The place was founded in 1907 and has a dining room (The Veranda) and a coffee shop. The bathroom was cavernous with a leather couch in the anteroom. I half expected to see a man offering me towels when I finished washing up. I hope to go back at some point.

I found an excerpt from a book that I have been looking for on the use of the horse in WWI on the web. The book is called "The Horse and the War" by Capt. Sidney Galtrey and argues against the future use of horses by the military. Its a good piece of history.

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