Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She's Not Getting on with Job

So..... I spent the last week working on the happy cows of the Lee Allenstein Charmany Dairy Herd. It was an interesting experience for the non-cow initiated. I learned several things immediately. 1) Turn off electrified things. Nobody likes a nicely toasted vet student. 2)If the tail even twitches in the up direction, move fast. 3)Don't just pull on a teat to get milk, that's impossible. 4)When cows give you the evil eye, they are up to summit, move fast. 5) A cow doesn't have to move much to crush you against a bar, and probably won't even notice they have. The cows were fun. I gave injections, did physical exams and even got to stick my arm up one and palpate a calf (who was born bright eyed and soppy tailed on Monday). I get my next shot at working with the cows in November. I'm looking forward to it.

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